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Art Director at ︎
My Role:
Design Strategy
Concept Development
Interactive Design
Experience Design
How do you sell a product that’s still in development? How do you experience a product you can’t yet hold or even hear? Moreover, how do you do it at scale, make it personal, and reach an audience from sell-in to the sales floor.

We created a suite of digital tools crafted to educate users on Beats latest products. Designed for learners of all types — meticulously rendered 3D models, motion graphics, and an immersive engaging narrative brought complex product features to life in an easy-to-understand format that simulated the experience of holding and using the products while they were still in development.
Our apps redefined the way Beats and Apple engages, connects, and educates audiences. It launched in 20+ languages, trained over 600,000 employees world-wide, and saw pre-order channel sales rise 2.13x. It fundamentally changed how they bring new product initiatives to market. And we’re continuing to help Beats roll out new initiatives – 5 products later and counting. 

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