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My Role:
Logo Design
Branding Design
Art Direction
Concept Development
Store Concept
Site Concept
Surterra Wellness, a well known cannabis brand backed by Beau Wrigley, was acquiring other brands at a rapid pace – a cannabis shopping spree. They came to Firstborn with the task of creating a new brand that would house all of their acquired brands under one store front–think sephora, but for weed. 

As part of this process, we created everything from the name, the logo, down to how the store looks and operates. Introducing Goodblend: the automat of the future—with a human touch. 

Designed for ultimate convenience and speed, the space features rows of digital kiosks paired with rows of lockers for pickup. At every step, consumers are empowered to be self sufficient, with attendants always nearby for those who want it. The goal is to create a connected experience where both in-store displays and a Goodblend app work seamlessly together to facilitate check in, ordering, and pickup.

Goodblend stores are currently being rolled out across the US.



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