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Adidas Originals came to Firstborn with the opportunity to name, position, and help launch a new line of NMD and Hardcourts for a drop across four national retailers—Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, and Footaction. Not only was this one of the biggest NMD drops to date, but it was also the first Hardcourt release in years.

We were handed one low-res render of the shoes and the moodboard that inspired the product – Big logos. Loud prints. And bold everything. Our challenge was to create one cohesive brand system that was unique enough for each of the retailers involved in the launch.
Everything needed to feel similar, but distinct enough from brand to brand. So, we looked to the shoes and drew our inspiration from the repeating patterns, oversized logos and color schemes that made this iteration of the NMD and Hardcourt so recognizable.

In the end we created one campaign that was defined across four retailers that filled thousands of stores. 

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